Call to Stop Evictions and Service Cuts in Madison County

In light of the unprecedented crisis our community faces from Coronavirus and the massive economic disruption it is causing, we are calling for Madison County officials to declare a moratorium on evictions. Many of us are seeing our hours slashed, contracts canceled, fewer customers or our work flat out canceled. In light of this economic hardship many of our community members risk losing there housing as paychecks shrink and rent comes due. In this time of crisis it is inhumane and cruel to force homelessness on our friends, families and neighbors due to a threat that is out of any of our control. This isn’t just a matter of doing what is humane, evicting people from their homes will exacerbate the spread of the disease by forcing people out into public with no access to basic sanitary measures like toilets, sinks and showers. We urge our County Commissioners to do the right thing and halt all eviction proceedings while our community weathers this storm.

Contact your County Commsioners:

– Additionally we call on French Broad Electric to follow the lead of other utility providers like Duke Energy and halt all electricity shut offs due to nonpayment of bills to prevent further hardships on households struggling to make ends meet.

French Broad EMC 828-649-2051

– Recognizing that running water is essential to maintain hygenic conditions and necessary for daily survival, we are calling on the owns of Hot Springs, Marshall, and Mars Hill to halt all water shutoffs.

Hot Springs Town Hall (828) 622-7591

Marshall: Mayor Jack Wallin

Mars Hill Town Hall: (828) 689-2301

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